Digital Media

Digital/Analog Hybrid Proposal

I am going to print out and create a large collage of ACTUAL newsworthy events that have happened in the past year. I am also going to create a video collage of “news” that we have seen on television in the past year. For example, I believe that the events of Standing Rock should have been (AND CONTINUE TO BE) covered more thoroughly to inform us about what is really going on. Instead, what has actually been on the news are stories about the Kardashians and other pop culture hype that has no business being called NEWS. I want to project this video on top of the collage to show how the media covers up real events with things that are not actually important.


the-swing-jean-honore-fragonardThis is a painting called “The Swing” by Jean-Honore Fragonard.



I chose this image because I thought it would be funny to create a scenario where the woman tosses her shoe at a creep trying to sneak a peek up her dress.

propagandaWe live in a media-based culture. American people are constantly around screens that influence the way we think – or better yet, don’t think. We are force fed ideas by the media and, consequently, many people choose not to do any further research on what they’re being told. I also added the little girl because television has been used as a babysitter for many children. If a child is being taught how to act and what to think by a screen there leaves little room for independent thought.


For my postcard, I wanted to keep it simple enough that the recipients could express themselves as creatively as possible. I wasn’t going to include my goofy hat originally, but when I filled in my figure with white I noticed my head looked super funky without it. This forced me to adapt, and in turn it made me think of a frozen tundra (aka Ohio in the winter). I hope that I receive some crazy drawings in return.farrabee_postcard_page_1farrabee_postcard_page_2

Folded Surreal Book

For this project I chose the theme “Polluted Beauty”. (The title was borrowed from a song by the band Twiddle – click here). The book starts off showing chemical waste being dumped into the ocean, and it continues on to show the consequences that happen under the water’s surface. I manipulated images of sea creatures in a humorous and lighthearted way, however this is a serious issue that should be given more attention. If anything, this is my way to get people talking about it! I especially enjoy the last photo of the giant squid, because it’s as if he is coming out of the water to make us pay for the destruction of his home.



Project: Create a surreal landscape
Number of images used: 6

This project was completed using all of my own photographs including places such as Akron, Ohio and Washington D.C. There are also images of paint brushes, clay sculptures, a camping tent, and my rock collection. I wanted to create a surreal environment that was subtle enough that at first glance the viewer may not notice anything weird about it. The more you look… the stranger it gets!