Android Jones – Digital Artist



“I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again.

If I could distill into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it would not be worth making it. Instead I have chosen the Pen.

Honestly I don’t know why I make this art, or what compels me to keep creating it; it’s a mystery I intend to pursue for the rest of my life, and each image brings me closer to the Ultimate Truth.” -Android Jones, 2013


Android Jones is a Colorado based digital artist who uses mainly Corel Painter 12, Photoshop CS5, and Z-brush to create stunning images that blend geometry with organic elements.


*Photograph of live digital painting  projected onto the woman dancing.

Android Jones has done many different types of digital art during his career. His success started by working on video editing for George Lucas and continued on to work for Nintendo as a concept artist. Since then he has been working with bands such as Tipper and Phutureprimitive doing live digital paintings during their shows. These digital paintings have also been projected onto many famous landmarks including the Sydney Opera House in 2011.


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