Artist Statement

I can’t seem to bend and twist language to express exactly what I mean or how I feel, but the visual arts are a different form of communication that works for me. I am learning to create visual representations of my responses to situations and thoughts in a more clear and professional way. I draw inspiration from wherever I go. Travelling and exploring are major influences on me, but music is the most direct influence in my work.

Being exposed to other media was the most valuable thing for me from the Foundations courses. If it had not been mandatory to take these classes for my major, I may never have found out how much joy creating sculptures from found objects brings me, or how useful Photoshop can be for planning painting compositions. I came into the program knowing that I enjoyed painting and drawing, but by the time I graduate I will have a whole toolbox of skills that will help shape the way I think about my work and art in general.

A lot of my work from Painting 1 and Painting 2 is reminiscent of Pierre Bonnard because of the brushwork, but painters covered in Art History 2 such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau continue to astonish me with the attention to color and detail that I aspire to achieve. The most influential history class I have taken is Early 20th Century Art History. So many of these artists were trying to process the craziness of the world during that time, as well as trying to find their own inner self and individuality, which is something that connect with deeply.

Cesar Biojo is an active artist who creates portraits by combining realism with abstraction, which I find myself being more and more drawn to as the semesters go by. His work is a close representation of the avenue I could see my work heading toward. I feel like I am headed on the right path as far as my own work is concerned. Before I started the program, I was afraid of working a sheet of paper any larger than a notebook. Now, I’m excited about large projects. Even if it does take me ages to complete them, I enjoy the challenge. I have grown exponentially already, but there’s still so much to learn. I want to keep this progression on a steady incline by going to graduate school for creating art.